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Maesri Fish Powder 180g


Brand: Maesri


  • Ingredients: Dried fish (Lizardfish) ,Salt,Sugar,Corn starch.
  • Fish powder can also be served sprinkled over Thai curries like gaeng leang or kanom jeen noodles with mam ya sauce. Sprinkle fish powder over Thai salads instead of using dried shrimp (goong haeng)
  • Fish Powder from Mae Sri is used in cooking to add a seafood taste, such as in soup stocks, noodles soups, fried rice or even Pad Thai noodles
  • Use it as Seasoning for salad or any dishes.

Details: Fish Powder :Cooking Tips : Ad fish sauce,chill powder ,and lime juice and serves with steamed rice. Made from dried fish without preservative. Product of Thailand